Arts, Culture & Entertainment

Our arts and culture precinct is designed to create the same level of personal interaction and cultural vibrancy that Melbourne is so famous for.

The arts and culture precinct proposed for East Werribee uses purpose built facilities across the precinct to establish meaningful capacity and exchange in language, fine arts, creative and performing arts.

The community, arts and culture program blurs the boundaries between art and architecture to ensure residents, workers and visitors are continuously surrounded by art, and its influence, as they go about their daily lives.


Australian Education City has integrated Asian art and culture with our own heritage to match Victoria’s diversity profile. The precinct capitalises on the opportunity to decentralise Melbourne’s cultural experience for Melbourne’s West and tourism for broader Victoria.

With established relationships and interest from Chinese Cultural associations, Asia TOPA, and famous Chinese artists (such as Ren Dao Lu and John Young Zerunge, who wish to create a permanent exhibition presence in East Werribee) the precinct will underpin cultural bridges to create inbound tourism demand.

The iconic spaces will showcase all forms of culture, arts and entertainment.  Combined with restaurants, shopping, and waterfront entertainment spaces, the arts and culture precinct will offer something different for all ages and background.This ensures the Innovation District embodies a culturally welcoming environment and a sense of community ownership through the arts and culture precinct.

With each of the residential precincts having equality of access to high quality community sporting facilities and assets, combined with a vibrant arts and entertainment precinct to complete the social threads which make Victoria’s communities diverse, inclusive and environmentally enriched.


  • ~346,000m² of mixed-use space

  • ~76,000m² of civic amenity space.

  • ~34,000m² of other community, parking and utility uses

  • Vibrant town centre and lakeside entertainment precinct


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