Great neighbourhoods make great cities. They are comfortable, attractive, accessible, and active, promote social interaction and inspired by the people who live there. They provide a mix of housing choices and access to everyday amenities.



  • ~2,900,000m² of residential use

  • ~80,000 residents in ~30,000 dwellings

  • ~21,000 high or medium density apartments

  • ~1,450 single family dwellings (townhouses and houses)

  • ~6,900 student dwellings

  • Unique and identifiable residential areas with easy access to civic and community amenities

  • Melbourne’s first metropolitan area to develop 20-minute walkable neighbourhood principles

  • A locational choice for employment with close proximity to residential areas

The design of our residential precincts focuses on creating neighbourhoods that offer a mix of local uses and diverse transportation choices delivering safe, rapid access throughout the city.


Our design harnesses the principles of the 20-minute neighbourhood to provide the necessary elements of inspired living—open spaces, community retail, workplaces, cultural assets, events, and schools—within a concentrated, walkable area.


Our solution embraces global liveable city benchmarks. The residential precincts within our Innovation District stretch across low, medium and high density settings to provide choice and flexibility for communities.


To ensure the character and liveability is achieved across the Innovation District, density profiles have been developed to reinforce the uniqueness of each residential area. Strong consideration has been undertaken to ensure that potential impact on the neighbouring established areas is minimised by tapering the densities close to the edges


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