Australia's Innovation

Gateway to the World

We share a common goal – to deliver economic and social platforms for the benefit of Australian communities and to support a sustainable and prosperous future.


As Australia transitions away from mining and manufacturing, it will enter a new era in which skills, knowledge and ideas will be our most precious commodities. New knowledge economies, technology and innovation drive profound shifts, which require agility. Australia needs to stay abreast of this economic and cultural shift, or the opportunity to be a major beneficiary of the Asian Century may be lost.


Australian Education City is a unique model which allows Australia to stay at the forefront of change with the origination and exploitation of new knowledge secured by investment in education, R&D, industry engagement and innovation.


Australian Education City is a developer of dynamic and flexible social and economic solutions which take the form of Innovation Districts. As a platform, our Innovation Districts are able to respond to Australia’s future demands in relation to infrastructure investment, sustainable job creation, expanding opportunities for trade, maximising international education and creating world first innovation.


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